Registration for Summer Camps is OPEN

Are planning your summer yet?  We’d love to have your kids join us!

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Grades: 4-12     Teacher: Coach Dave Kemp (Weather lover and keen weather observer for many years!)

What’s a “Willy-Willy”?  What’s the difference between hurricanes & cyclones?  What is the Greenhouse Effect?  Who has more snow on average…Minneapolis, Minnesota or Denver, Colorado?  What is a Chinook?  These and many other weather related questions will be answered in the course with some hands-on experiments as well.

July 16, 17 (Mon & Tues)     10am-12pm     $45



Grades: 4–12     Teacher: Coach Dave Kemp

Can you ever get enough Dodgeball?  We’ll be taking it to a whole new level! Students will be playing Elimination Dodgeball as well as some of the classics like: Snowball, Prison, Battleship, Dynamite, Bears & Bunnies and Spy Doctor/Target.  We will also do a small team tournament each day.

July 16, 17, 19  (Mon, Tues, Thurs)     12:30-2:30pm     $58



Grades: K-3     Teacher: Coach Dave Kemp

Two fun filled days of high activity.  We will enjoy a game of Mass Soccer & Lacrosse after working on skills and some fun drills.  We will be finishing each day with Dodgeball, in its many varieties, just because they love it and it’s also great for eye/hand coordination (catching & throwing).  The dodging is a great exercise in spatial awareness, balance and a confidence builder, too!

July 18, 19  (Wed, Thurs)    9:30-11am     $30

Large Family Policy :)

Large Family Policy! We do not require payment for more than three children so that larger families are always encouraged & able to attend. We just ask that if a family is financially able to send in more than that amount to please do as it would be difficult to keep our business running if all families who enrolled more than three only paid the “3 kids” amount. Please pay what you able & comfortable with ~ if making a few smaller payments throughout the semester would be helpful, that would just fine as well. Please let us know if you have any other questions and know that we are always available by phone if that’s more convenient for you. 303-660-2253

Class Cancellation Policy

Class cancellations due to weather will be listed here on our Announcements! page. If you do not see your class cancelled on this page, please assume we are having class. We will make every effort to make a decision by early that morning so that you can plan your day accordingly.

Other payment options!


As a homeschooling family ourselves, we do realize that finances can sometimes be a hindrance to extra activities. If you find that PE tuition is a bit more that your budget can manage, please call Debbie @ 303-660-2253. We have found that bartering to benefit both families can be a worthwhile and great alternative. We often need the expertise of PE families to help us with our businesses & home including marketing, IT, graphic design, landscaping, housekeeping, handyman-work and construction. We are happy to talk about other payment options if the need arises.