Summer Activities 2018

Summer Camps are list below!  Do feel free to call with any questions!

Click this link to download the registration form:  Summer Camp 2018


Grades: 4-12     Teacher: Coach Dave Kemp (Weather lover and keen weather observer for many years!)

What’s a “Willy-Willy”?  What’s the difference between hurricanes & cyclones?  What is the Greenhouse Effect?  Who has more snow on average…Minneapolis, Minnesota or Denver, Colorado?  What is a Chinook?  These and many other weather related questions will be answered in the course with some hands-on experiments as well.

July 16, 17 (Mon & Tues)     10am-12pm     $45



Grades: 4–12     Teacher: Coach Dave Kemp

Can you ever get enough Dodgeball?  We’ll be taking it to a whole new level! Students will be playing Elimination Dodgeball as well as some of the classics like: Snowball, Prison, Battleship, Dynamite, Bears & Bunnies and Spy Doctor/Target.  We will also do a small team tournament each day.

July 16, 17, 19  (Mon, Tues, Thurs)     12:30-2:30pm     $58



Grades: K-3     Teacher: Coach Dave Kemp

Two fun filled days of high activity.  We will enjoy a game of Mass Soccer & Lacrosse after working on skills and some fun drills.  We will be finishing each day with Dodgeball, in its many varieties, just because they love it and it’s also great for eye/hand coordination (catching & throwing).  The dodging is a great exercise in spatial awareness, balance and a confidence builder, too!

July 18, 19  (Wed, Thurs)    9:30-11am     $30