With the State of Emergency and the National Guard called out last evening, with all of the local school districts closing including Douglas County, and with I-25 closures, we thought we might need to call off PE today. It’s always a bit crazy in Colorado, especially since we don’t start until noon (and we know how tough homeschoolers can be ? ), but we were thinking we might need to cancel PE.
So… it was confirmed when we received a call from the fairgrounds. WE WILL NEED TO CANCEL PE FOR TODAY. Not only are the fairgrounds graciously providing packed out shelter for stranded motorists, but they were concerned about getting the parking lots cleared for us.
Stay warm! Please, as always feel free to make up this class at another time. We love to have our families take advantage of make up classes. We would appreciate an email or call when you plan to makeup so we can plan for the additional numbers.
Blessings to you all,
Coach Dave and Debbie Kemp
303-660-2253 (landline, will not receive texts)
720-300-0231 cell, Debbie
720-300-6811 cell, Coach Dave