Fox & Geese, a Snow Game from Coach

Hi All,

Was thinking about you all today and was missing teaching PE+Plus.  With the new snow a great game for the whole family to play is “Fox & Geese.”

It is a fancy, fun, old fashioned kind of tag game.  You will need an area of unbroken snow where you create a series of paths ( start with a large outside circle first and then criss-cross the paths inside the circle with a center base area).   Part of the initial fun of the game is to march around single file tromping down the snow making the paths (have a parent or older child be the leader and play follow the leader).

After you’ve created your course have one person be it (or if you have a large group you could have 2 or three “its”).  You could also designate who’s it by a certain hat or bandanna.  People can stay on the base for only 10 seconds at a time and then must make a full circle around the course before they can use the base again. You might not want to have “tag-backs” in this game but you can decide.

Of course other fun snow activities are making a snow man  & snow angels, jumping in the snow, sledding and even shoveling (when I was young my siblings and I would make it a competition who could reach what point before the other or of course shoveling snow at each other at times!).

More game ideas to come and Debbie & I are talking about a PE video next week!

Also, an email about the latest logistics of PE+PLUS is coming soon.

Missing you all!
Coach & Family