Fall 2020 Registration Is Now Open!!

We’ll be starting Fall PE+Plus the week before Labor Day this year, since Labor Day is so late, and a lot of us will be eager to get back into a fun fall routine.

Fall 2020 Registration Form (PDF)

As usual, you can print out the form and mail it in to us with your deposit check — the address is on the bottom of the form. Coming soon, we hope to have some options for online payments. 

Additionally, visit us for free summer camp dates, which are still pending. As soon as we can get solid dates, we’ll get back to you.

Finally, how are you doing? If you could use a listening ear, feel free to shoot us an email (peplusoffice@gmail.com).  Unforeseen circumstances seem to sometimes bring out the best and worst in our lives. We’re praying that we come out of this time ~ using a sports analogy ~ with a win. There may be sweat flying, bruised knees, and abrasions, but a win in the end would be so satisfying.  🌟