Fall 2020 Revised Schedule

First of all, THANK YOU for your patience and your feedback to our survey as we’ve grappled with how to run PE this fall.  After listening to you and the official recommendations, talking with all of our sites, and much discussion and prayer, we’ve come to the following decisions:

1) We will be starting PE later than planned.  Our first classes will be the week starting September 21.  We have needed this extra time to work with each of our sites and would like to watch the evolving situation a bit longer. We also wanted to take the time to plan and execute the free track meets to make up hours from spring.

2) We will have four weeks scheduled to start out, with all of our classes outdoors at parks or spaces near our usual sites.  As class dates get closer, we’ll send you all details about where each class is meeting. These classes are scheduled for the weeks beginning September 21 & 28, and October 5 & 12.

3) Assuming things go well, we will first attempt to schedule more days outside, weather permitting.  The outdoor restrictions are so much simpler, so we like the idea of staying outside as long as possible. Also, by then we can continue to make good decisions about any remaining requirements for each of the indoor sites.

We’re aware that this change will make figuring out tuition a bit complicated.  If you have one student, and you paid the registration deposit of $50, you should be covered for the entire four weeks. Assuming we are able to add more classes, that amount will change.  And, obviously, many of our families have more than one student, and some of you have already paid the full amount for the semester.  We ask for your patience as we figure out how tuition will work. Daily class prices will remain the same as usual and all tuition is in a separate account ready to be refunded as needed. 

The registration form on the main page of this site will still work to register your students (even though the dates are now wrong), in case you haven’t had a chance to register yet.  Once again, we ask that you just send in the $50 registration fee with your form at this point.  We do encourage you to go ahead and register if you’ve been hesitant!  This will also help us get a better idea of how many students we can be expecting.  The noon class in Castle Rock is closing already and we are looking at options to add a second younger class there. Possibly at 11:00.

Blessings to all of you, and thank you again, so much!
Coach Dave and Debbie Kemp

(303) 660-2253 ~ office land line, no texts — (720) 300-6811 ~ Dave’s cell — (720) 300-0231 ~ Debbie’s cell