Update on PE for Spring 2021

Hey Dads and Moms!

Happy New Years to you and the kids! Thanks for your prayers and support!

First, even the most lenient site’s restrictions right now are too much to do PE. We continue to factor in your concerns as well as we make these decisions. The feedback we have received from you all, indicates that some families do have very real medical concerns, but also that many families don’t want masks worn while actively participating in PE (It is of course not our preference to have kids masked while playing.) If your thoughts have changed at all since we sent out the survey this past year, please do give us an update. We are interested in any thoughts that you might have. You can contact us at peplusoffice@gmail.com.

And so we keep watching and praying. Please tell the kids that while they are hard at school work at home, I am busy writing a book about PE! 

There is a possibility we could do some outdoor PE in March & April at 2 or 3 sites, although spring in Colorado is often wet and/or cold.We’ll let you know as soon as we know more.

Please  know I miss the kids and PE very much too and look forward to seeing everyone and doing PE again soon.

Blessings! ~ Coach Dave & Debbie