About PE+Plus

Debbie is really not this tall. Ethan & David are holding her up on top of a crate because she refused to be so short in every picture.
Grace & David ~ what a happy day!



The PE+Plus Family

Our first online presence was in 2003.  Our kids sure have grown up since then.  PE+Plus first began with classes one day per week in January 2000 and quickly grew to 4, 5, and 6 locations per week all across the city. It has been a lovely journey. Just this year, 2017, our youngest, Ethan is turning 21 and David was married to the very sweet and lovely Grace over the summer.

With over 30 years of experience in Education, Coach Dave is a state licensed teacher, certified for K-12 physical education and K-6 classroom education.  He has also served as a principal in a private homeschool high school. Family involvement has been a fun bonus ~ David and Ethan have participated, student assisted, and even taught in the family’s home business/ministry. Dave and Debbie have both volunteered at CHEC Conferences and occasionally speak on family and homeschool related topics. They have also taught homeschooling introductory seminars, enjoying the opportunity to help families get started on the “grand adventure.”

We reminisce over these years with a few takeaways ~ we loved homeschooling!  We began at kindergarten and enjoyed every stage.  Both of our boys began taking college classes at 16 ~ it felt like great timing and was a nice blend with homeschooling at that age.

As we move forward with a new website and take a bit of time to recollect our years of connection to PE+Plus families….we have LOVED being a part of your lives!  We have countless families who were with us for 10 to 18 years and cannot even begin to tell you how you have blessed our lives, letting us share yours. It has been with great joy that we have welcomed many new families in these recent years.  We will treasure the new memories and the investment that you have given us the opportunity to enjoy with your families.  We have been so blessed to live and serve in the Denver/Colorado Springs Homeschooling Community.