Fall 2020 PE Is Cancelled

Due to an unforeseen situation that has arisen, we will have to take a break from PE this fall, 2020. We are so sorry for the short notice. We have been doing PE+Plus for 20 years, and still very much want to keep holding PE classes and be with you all again. We will let you know as as soon as we schedule a new semester. If you have already registered, we will refund any money you have sent, or if you want us to hold onto it and your registrations for when we start up again, we will gladly do so.

Fall 2020 Revised Schedule

First of all, THANK YOU for your patience and your feedback to our survey as we’ve grappled with how to run PE this fall.  After listening to you and the official recommendations, talking with all of our sites, and much discussion and prayer, we’ve come to the following decisions:

1) We will be starting PE later than planned.  Our first classes will be the week starting September 21.  We have needed this extra time to work with each of our sites and would like to watch the evolving situation a bit longer. We also wanted to take the time to plan and execute the free track meets to make up hours from spring.

2) We will have four weeks scheduled to start out, with all of our classes outdoors at parks or spaces near our usual sites.  As class dates get closer, we’ll send you all details about where each class is meeting. These classes are scheduled for the weeks beginning September 21 & 28, and October 5 & 12.

3) Assuming things go well, we will first attempt to schedule more days outside, weather permitting.  The outdoor restrictions are so much simpler, so we like the idea of staying outside as long as possible. Also, by then we can continue to make good decisions about any remaining requirements for each of the indoor sites.

We’re aware that this change will make figuring out tuition a bit complicated.  If you have one student, and you paid the registration deposit of $50, you should be covered for the entire four weeks. Assuming we are able to add more classes, that amount will change.  And, obviously, many of our families have more than one student, and some of you have already paid the full amount for the semester.  We ask for your patience as we figure out how tuition will work. Daily class prices will remain the same as usual and all tuition is in a separate account ready to be refunded as needed. 

The registration form on the main page of this site will still work to register your students (even though the dates are now wrong), in case you haven’t had a chance to register yet.  Once again, we ask that you just send in the $50 registration fee with your form at this point.  We do encourage you to go ahead and register if you’ve been hesitant!  This will also help us get a better idea of how many students we can be expecting.  The noon class in Castle Rock is closing already and we are looking at options to add a second younger class there. Possibly at 11:00.

Blessings to all of you, and thank you again, so much!
Coach Dave and Debbie Kemp

(303) 660-2253 ~ office land line, no texts — (720) 300-6811 ~ Dave’s cell — (720) 300-0231 ~ Debbie’s cell

Fall 2020 Registration Is Now Open!!

We’ll be starting Fall PE+Plus the week before Labor Day this year, since Labor Day is so late, and a lot of us will be eager to get back into a fun fall routine.

Fall 2020 Registration Form (PDF)

As usual, you can print out the form and mail it in to us with your deposit check — the address is on the bottom of the form. Coming soon, we hope to have some options for online payments. 

Additionally, visit us for free summer camp dates, which are still pending. As soon as we can get solid dates, we’ll get back to you.

Finally, how are you doing? If you could use a listening ear, feel free to shoot us an email (peplusoffice@gmail.com).  Unforeseen circumstances seem to sometimes bring out the best and worst in our lives. We’re praying that we come out of this time ~ using a sports analogy ~ with a win. There may be sweat flying, bruised knees, and abrasions, but a win in the end would be so satisfying.  🌟


Videos from Coach!

Coach Dave has made and posted some videos! The first is a video “showing and telling” about all the Legos donated by PE+Plus families for Children’s Hospital in honor of Debbie’s dad, Bob Lewis. The second video is in two parts. It’s called “Right and Left,” and it talks about how developing both the dominant and non-dominant sides of your body can make your body and your mind stronger!

Here are links to the videos on Youtube and Facebook:

Youtube Videos

PE+Plus Facebook Page (the videos are in the first three posts you can see)

Blessings, all of you!

PE Cancelled through April 17th

As continuing updates and changes come in across the state and in our area regarding COVID-19, we have realized that we will need to extend the cancellation of our PE classes through April 17th.  We may need to extend this date, but we are also still hoping that we might be able to add a week or two at the end of the semester.  We’re so thankful for your support for us and for each other during this challenging time!

PE+Plus video coming up soon.  Probably more than one.  We’ll send out an email when we get it done.

We are also in the beginning stages with this, but intend to offer some free two-hour mini-camps this summer — we hope to have some great options for your students to make up their hours.  We haven’t firmed up any dates or times for these upcoming camps, but we wanted to let you know that we have things in the works.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us!

“You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the fields will clap their hands.” ~Isaiah 55:12

Blessings to all of you!

Coach Dave and Debbie Kemp
(303) 660-2253 ~ land line, no texts
(720) 300-0231 ~ Debbie’s cell
(720) 300-6811 ~ Dave’s cell

Fox & Geese, a Snow Game from Coach

Hi All,

Was thinking about you all today and was missing teaching PE+Plus.  With the new snow a great game for the whole family to play is “Fox & Geese.”

It is a fancy, fun, old fashioned kind of tag game.  You will need an area of unbroken snow where you create a series of paths ( start with a large outside circle first and then criss-cross the paths inside the circle with a center base area).   Part of the initial fun of the game is to march around single file tromping down the snow making the paths (have a parent or older child be the leader and play follow the leader).

After you’ve created your course have one person be it (or if you have a large group you could have 2 or three “its”).  You could also designate who’s it by a certain hat or bandanna.  People can stay on the base for only 10 seconds at a time and then must make a full circle around the course before they can use the base again. You might not want to have “tag-backs” in this game but you can decide.

Of course other fun snow activities are making a snow man  & snow angels, jumping in the snow, sledding and even shoveling (when I was young my siblings and I would make it a competition who could reach what point before the other or of course shoveling snow at each other at times!).

More game ideas to come and Debbie & I are talking about a PE video next week!

Also, an email about the latest logistics of PE+PLUS is coming soon.

Missing you all!
Coach & Family

PE+Plus Cancelled for Next Two Weeks

We will be cancelling PE classes for the next two weeks (March 16-27). The decision seems to have been taken out of our hands to some degree, although we have been in prayer and counsel as well; 3 of our 5 buildings are closing down for the next two weeks.

We wanted to include some thoughts from a pastor friend of ours ~

“This is not a reaction of fear; this is the action of love. Loving our neighbors means protecting them by ensuring our whole community stays healthy and that our health care professionals and services are not overwhelmed.” As we had mentioned in our previous email, Debbie’s Dad died in December from an infection that his body just couldn’t beat. The night he was brought into the hospital, 3 out of 4 hospitals did not have beds available in ICU, just because of the flu season we were having at the time. We aren’t fearful people, but we want to be practical. We feel we all need to be part of the solution when we can be.

 We are working on adding an extra PE week at the end of the PE schedule. We normally schedule in one snow day that we don’t make up each semester, so we’d like to use Aurora’s & Castle Rock’s not used snow day as one of the weeks missed, although we’re looking at some other options to make this other missed day up.

Field Day – “Instead of Field Day, we are looking at something similar to the Field Day/Track Camp that we did last year.”

Also, we felt it was important to discuss Field Day at this time. So much planning has to go in ahead of time to make Field Day happen (including buying hundreds of dollars of ribbons~ some of which will only work for one year & the food for teen helpers), also 40 to 60 administrative hours to prepare.  Further, with the recommendation about groups over 250 (our Field Days average 450-525 people) after much prayer, talk, and consternation we feel we must cancel Field Day. (In the next few weeks, we will be in touch with those families who have paid). Instead, we are looking at something similar to the Field Day/Track Camp that we did last year.

Football Camp – 

So excited! This has been a hit in recent years. We will be baking in the hot sun and hopefully coronavirus will just be a memory. It is planned for the third week of June, 15-19. Once again we will be giving you more information as soon as we can.

Other summer camps are under reconstruction… 🙂  We have some thoughts, but will be back in touch about these soon.

We will also continue to evaluate the situation and make any other changes that we need to in the near future.

Crazy times, and yet in the Lord all days can still be good days.  Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the Lord has made. let us be glad & rejoice in it…”

Also, 1 John 4:4 “…greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” (Including this virus!)



Coach Dave and Debbie

Please don’t hesitate to call if we can be of help in any way.

303-660-2253 (landline, no texts)

720-300-0231 (Debbie’s cell)

720-300-6811 (Coach’s cell)


Come one, come all!  Field Day is Wednesday, May 13th, with a rain date of Friday, May 15th.  Here is a link to the registration form:

Field Day 2020 Registration Form

You can print it out, fill it out, and either mail it to us at PE+Plus, 219 Lewis Street, Castle Rock, 80104, or turn it in to the Helper Mom at your PE class, along with your payment.

We encourage you to sign up early, so we can get a good idea of numbers for all the activities, and for ordering RIBBONS!



No PE Today — Friday, February 7

Good Morning Englewood PE Families,

Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church is closed today (the church closes when Cherry Creek Schools close) due to the snow, cold & road conditions ~ so PE will be cancelled for today.

Please feel free to make up this class at another site if you wish, just please let us know ahead of time.

Blessings!  Stay warm!  ~  Coach & Family